We work with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to optimize member engagement and rewards programs using data-driven messaging and smart incentives. We communicate using SMS text messaging and use multicultural marketing to craft messages that appeal to your people. And we deliver rewards frequently and immediately following action or achievement to encourage healthy behaviors.

The results: sustained member engagement and lasting behavior change.



PUSH can help you achieve the outcomes that are most important to you and your members:

  • Improve member wellness through weight loss, blood pressure reduction, and improved cardiorespiratory fitness

  • Improve quality performance by incentivizing recommended screenings

  • Improve member retention rates by supporting redetermination messaging

  • Open a new channel for member communications: HIPAA- and TCPA-compliant use of SMS text messaging



The PUSH team has vast experience in Managed Care and Public Health. Our team members have led technology installments at large public health systems and Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO). We’ve provided care to underserved patients in community health clinics. We’ve provided consulting services to regional health systems and national health plans. And we’ve led research and quality improvement projects in federally-qualified health centers (FQHC).

We bring our experience and expertise to bear on behalf of our clients to address complex problems. PUSH is a partner, not just a platform.